• Digital Solutions.

    We are the agency for digital transformation. Because creative technologies are in our DNA. Because we know how to spot relevant trends. Because we understand the societal and economic impact of these trends, and know how to turn that to our client’s advantage.

  • Digital Monsters.

    We are Burak Ozkosem. A new kind of agency offering the right services for the digital age. As fusionists we connect Wow & How – strategy, technology, creativity – to help brands and organizations reach the next level.


Experience development

We create change by design. In a complex and highly connected world, people expect meaningful products and services that are approachable and valuable to them.

Awesome for small businesses

Our cost-efficient yet cutting-edge creative design is perfect match for early stage businesses. However, we know how to scale up for greater needs.

Doing the web science better

The global nature of the Internet means that global reputations can be nurtured and enhanced quickly. Similarly individual relationships can be built, serviced and maintained without reference to geography.

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